RCL: Subjects
AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES African American Studies is an interdisciplinary field of scholarly inquiry that encompasses the global African experience. The growing focus on the African Diaspora has led to a name change among the leading African American Studies departments in the Academy. 'Africana Studies' is the preferred moniker as new scholarship and critical interpretations move beyond the borders of the Americas. In addition to expanded scholarship in African Americana, this new edition includes fresh ethnographies that reveal the African presence in other areas of world. Bi-racial studies, gay/lesbian studies, and queer studies are included in the traditional areas of sociology and history. Revised editions of classic works are included to ensure solid grounding at the undergraduate level. New scholarship and innovative research provide unique perspectives to basic subject areas such as women's studies, health, sports, military science, technology, the arts, and the broader African Diaspora studies. Preference has been given to resources currently available in print. Selected resources reflect the focus of African American Studies undergraduate curriculum at key institutions. Course syllabi, reading lists, professional reviews, research trends, conference proceedings and current market offerings are also examined for appropriate materials. When possible, actual works are examined and the credentials and research specialties of authors are examined. This list includes resources that exemplify the evolution of African American studies into a mature discipline that examines the African influence and experience in the world, i.e., Africana Studies. Supportive works are also found in related academic disciplines. Return to Subject List