RCL: Subjects
ASTRONOMY Astronomy is an ancient, yet dynamic, scientific discipline where new discoveries have led to dramatic paradigm changes in recent years. The emphasis of this list is therefore on contemporary astronomy resources that reflect the current state of knowledge for a given topic. Whenever possible, the newest editions of resources are listed. Classic, highly-cited older works were retained from the last BCL edition, but the reader must be aware that some of the information contained in these volumes is obsolete. Resources include textbooks, guides, atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and websites aimed at serving the needs of an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. The list is a mixture of introductory materials, suitable for lower-level students, and more advanced texts that are useful to upper-level students and faculty. Many well-known advanced texts were omitted from this list as they are more appropriate for graduate students and above. Additionally, the section includes books written at the popular level to introduce students to the exciting discoveries and controversial questions that make astronomy a vibrant field. The topics covered in this list include the history of astronomy, biographies of significant individuals, astronomical instrumentation, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary sciences, as well as emerging subfields such as astrobiology and extrasolar planets and amateur astronomy resources. Return to Subject List