RCL: Subjects
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION In selecting Business Administration resources, an attempt is made to focus on the great and essential works in the various disciplines within business. The selection process aims to include works that show the historical development of various fields, the influences that shaped the dominant paradigm, and important alternative views. The items included here will inform the introductory reader or the advanced undergraduate of the comprehensive breadth of all of the major disciplines within business. This collection includes core reference books, monographic works, and electronic resources. The approach to classification here allows for the inclusion of both practical and scholarly works. Inspired by the ABI Inform index subject classification, the taxonomy reflects the broad range of topics that could be researched in an academic library by undergraduate business students. The subjects are divided into five areas: business environment, management, companies/industries, career/vocational guidance, and business information sources. The business environment section includes such current and important topics as business ethics, globalization, and cross-cultural business. The majority of items selected however are indexed in the broad "management function" subject area. This area includes the disciplines that may often be found in degree concentrations within undergraduate business programs: general management, finance, accounting, operations, human resource management, and marketing. The additional subject areas of companies/industries, career/vocational guidance, and business information sources round out the classification system and results in a pertinent and timely collection that is not dominated only by scholarly and theoretical works. Return to Subject List