RCL: Subjects
CHEMISTRY Chemistry is one of the very primary sciences and is taught at all four college and university undergraduate levels, each level the prerequisite for the next, as complexity in the subject area develops. The RCL Chemistry core list reflects the most important works that undergraduate students will encounter as they visit their academic libraries for further help in their studies. Those libraries, if properly stocked with useful works, will have all or nearly all the items on this list. All have been vetted for undergraduate level, usefulness, and value to student and scholar alike. There are serial entities such as Chemical Abstracts; review works; monographs; web sites; and handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, and a host of works not imaginable even fifteen years ago. Added since BCL3 are web sites and new areas of chemistry such as biotechnology (on the cusp between chemistry and biology), nanotechnology (on the cusps among materials science, physics, and chemistry), and the still-emerging area of environmental chemistry. There are classic works, some textbooks that are timeless, popular-level works, biographies, special topic monographs, desktop reference works, foreign-language dictionaries, glossaries--everything that the well-rounded chemical student or practitioner will need. Return to Subject List