RCL: Subjects
CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES The Classical Languages and Literatures section primarily covers the Greek and Latin languages and literatures; see also the sections on Greek and Roman history in the Ancient History section for additional coverage of classical cultures. The general and reference works category includes dictionaries of classical civilization, histories of literature, and similar works dealing with classical civilization and literature as a whole. Greek language and literature are covered, with various subsections covering major genres and individual authors. Latin language and literature receive similar treatment. Focus in these sections is on basic works for undergraduate education (including some more advanced works which will be used primarily by faculty in course preparation); these include editions, translations, commentaries, and key secondary works. I have preferred works in print whenever possible, although I have also included a few essential out-of-print works. Generally each listing for an individual author includes editions of major or commonly taught works, along with a single translation of each. An exception is made for a few authors, such Homer and the Greek tragedians, where multiple translations are included. While I have listed only selected volumes from major series of texts and translations, larger libraries may well consider acquiring all volumes of the Oxford Classical Texts series and the Loeb Classical Library, as well as all relevant volumes from the Penguin Classics and Oxford World's Classics series. A separate subsection treats Medieval Latin. This includes introductory and bibliographical works, the most commonly used anthologies, and a limited selection of editions, commentaries, and translations of individual authors of value for undergraduate study. Return to Subject List