RCL: Subjects
CRIMINAL JUSTICE The Criminal Justice section is organized to reflect the major subdivisions in the field of Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Systems and Processes, Criminology, Law Enforcement, Law and Courts, and Corrections. The specific subjects included are based on undergraduate curricula at U.S. colleges and universities with well-respected criminal justice programs. In BCL3, Criminal Justice was presented largely as a sub-discipline of Sociology with criminology, law enforcement and corrections included there. Materials on administration of justice, criminal law and courts fell under Law. This shift in organization reflects the history of the academic field of criminal justice which appeared as a distinctive field only in the 1960s. Criminal Justice continues to be interdisciplinary and materials from related subjects such as sociology, law, African American studies, women's studies, social welfare, public administration and policy, and psychology have great impact on study and research. Resources selected for this RCL section are suitable for undergraduate study, research, and teaching. Many high quality specialized resources are excluded as more appropriate for graduate level work. While the emphasis is on resources which focus on the United States, selected international and comparative materials are included. Also listed are a substantial number of general books published in other countries, particularly the United Kingdom. The field of Criminal Justice relies heavily upon journal literature and government documents at the international, national, state, and local level. Many of the government documents are freely available on the Internet. Some overarching issues such as administration of criminal justice, policy issues, legal issues, capital punishment, etc. do not fit within one subdivision of the field, and are therefore placed under Criminal Justice Systems and Processes. The Law Enforcement section includes only a limited selection of forensics materials suitable for general knowledge about law enforcement investigation. While there is necessary duplication between the Criminal Justice section and several other RCL sections on related topics, such overlap has been kept to a minimum. Return to Subject List