RCL: Subjects
DRAMA AND THEATER The Drama and Theater section attempts to breach the traditional gap between the study of drama and theater and bring them together as a single heading, reserving the heading of Theater Production for works which focus explicitly on the art of theatrical production and its many aspects, including how-to works. As a rule, the Theater Production heading does not include broad historical overviews of theater, unless they focus on stagecraft, while the Drama and Theater heading is used for all aspects of drama and theater except those explicitly concerned with stagecraft and how-to resources. The underlying philosophy of the section is that of inclusion of non-Western and non-traditional works, even though major traditional works and authors have also been included. An attempt has been made to balance canonical works with those by emerging or previously neglected periods, genres, countries, and authors. Some specific scope considerations include the following: the subheadings of Individual Works are used for single works by one author, while collected plays by one author are included under Country, Period, or Genre. Collections of Plays is used for collections of works by multiple authors. Periods is used for critical works and anthologies encompassing multiple periods in the development of Western or non-Western drama and theater. The Avant-garde is used for both the historical European avant-garde of the early 20th century and the mid-20th century American avant-garde. Return to Subject List