RCL: Subjects
AFRICAN HISTORY, LANGUAGES, AND LITERATURES The African History, Languages, and Literatures section contains general and specific texts suitable for undergraduate scholarship. The emphasis is on African history, but the cross-disciplinary nature of the field has been taken into account during the selection process. While periodization and regional definitions are often fluid in the field of scholarship, the taxonomy has used the more broadly accepted categories found in many undergraduate courses. The bibliography includes works meant to aid in teaching and beginning study of African history. In some cases more advanced texts are included for upper level undergraduates and teaching faculty. Titles include general works which cover large parts of the continent, not individual countries, and are divided by time period; general works which provide basic knowledge for all students and a strong base for the more specific collection; specific works which are divided by region and then by county. The special topics category includes titles that provide unique perspectives on thematic topics such as women, gender and sexuality studies; Islam in Africa; international relations; ethnography; description and travel. These most often receive attention in the undergraduate curriculum especially upper level undergraduate courses. Secondary works are the main focus of the bibliography, but due to the importance of primary sources in historical study, they have been included whenever possible. While there are some selected literary works, see Other Literatures in English for further African literature titles. The most relevant works for undergraduates have been chosen, regardless of publication date and country of origin. All materials are in English, whether original or in translation. Preference is print but a few notable Africa related web resources are included. Return to Subject List