RCL: Subjects
EDUCATION The field of education is well represented in RCL. Using the Library of Congress subject classification scheme as a general base, and modifying it to reflect more current trends, a taxonomy of education was created. Excluded from consideration within the education category are topics such as medical education and children's literature, which are covered elsewhere (medicine and literature, respectively). The education taxonomy developed for this project reflects the impact of technology on education, the political aspects of high-stakes testing, initiatives such as the Common Core State Standards, and recognition of changes in family and social structures since the 1988 edition of Books for College Libraries. The education section reflects the increasing emphasis on outreach, service learning, and global interaction in all areas and at all levels of education. Traditional areas such as history and philosophy of education reflect more of an American focus than in previous editions where Plato's theories or European development of universities were emphasized. New philosophers such as Paulo Freire are incorporated into the content of the database. With an increase in attention to different needs of various populations, and of special services, areas such as multicultural education have been expanded, as has special education. While web sites were incorporated where relevant, users are cautioned that these selections are intended to guide undergraduate education students and their instructors, but cannot provide a listing of every resource students are apt to need as they prepare for classroom practice. Materials such as educational videos, lesson planning tools, and instructional kits are out of scope for this section. Selection of materials for inclusion was done by subject selectors practicing in the field of education and/or librarianship. Selectors assumed that most colleges will have programs in elementary and secondary education. These selections reflect the needs of a college audience in seeking information about a diversity of educational subjects related to learning, teaching, and intellectual growth. Return to Subject List