RCL: Subjects
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Since the publication of BCL3 in 1988, two new closely allied fields, Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences emerged as college majors or minors on many American campuses. The impetus for the new discipline of Environmental Studies arose from citizen action movements that lobbied to "protect the earth" during the 1960s and 1970s via traditional groups like The Nature Conservancy (founded in 1917) and more provocative ones as in Earth First!(founded in 1979). The advocacy efforts influenced both governmental policies and trends in higher education. Throughout the 1980s, environmental studies settled into academic respectability where the hard sciences dominated course offerings. By the 1990s, universities began recognizing the importance of the social sciences and the humanities to environmental studies. This more comprehensive approach and shift in emphasis informed many of the title choices in literature, philosophy, religion, economics, history, political science and sociology found listed here. The aim was to find titles providing appropriate historical background on many fronts with some approaching "classic" status, currency and readability accessible to undergraduates. Please check under RCL’s Environmental Science section for substantive titles relating to biology, chemistry, engineering and technology, although some of those titles appear here as well. Where possible, works are recommended in their newest, most reliable edition. Return to Subject List