RCL: Subjects
GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDERED STUDIES In Books for College Libraries (BCL3) the only subject access to gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (GLBT) materials was through the subject term "homosexuality," which referred users to Library of Congress classifications HQ75-76.8 and Z7164. This method resulted in only eighteen titles, or less than one percent of all BCL3 titles, clearly associated with GLBT issues. Since the previous edition of BCL3, the availability of GLBT publications has greatly increased. The development of university-based GLBT studies programs legitimizes academic study of the community and necessitates the identification of a core collection and development of a unique subject taxonomy representing the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The GLBT section of Resources for College Libraries identifies approximately 1000+ titles that form a core collection appropriate for a four-year college. Materials meet the needs of general audiences as well as students, faculty, and researchers in the subject areas. Emphasis is on the "best" GLBT materials containing clear and significant GLBT content without regard to the sexual orientation of the author, publication date, or availability. This is particularly evident in the fiction section where authors thought to be homosexual are excluded if individual works lack significant GLBT content. Some children's and young adult novels are included for those libraries with said collections supporting Education and English degree programs. Although some books are out-of-print, they are included to represent significant contributions to the field and/or provide historical perspective in the development of GLBT studies. Most included titles have been published after 1969, the date generally recognized as the beginning of the American GLBT movement. Finally, the entries attempt to balance gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic/racial diversity. The entries are organized by subject in a broad taxonomy designed to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of GLBT studies, resulting in selections from varying sections of the Library of Congress classification system. The primary subject categories are: general and reference works, history, personal identity, religion, relationships, health, economics, sports, education, politics, creative production, science, and outside North America. Selected areas include subcategories unique to the larger subject area, although general & reference works and biography recur throughout the taxonomy. Occasionally, titles among the categories are cross-referenced to reflect the scope of each title. Other RCL subject areas where users might find works about GLBT issues include Gender Studies and Sociology. Return to Subject List