RCL: Subjects
GENDER STUDIES The Gender Studies section is composed of approximately 1000 resources, culled from required or recommended reading for undergraduate courses in gender studies or women's studies. Major subject divisions within the section are feminism, sex/gender roles in society, feminist and gender theory, and history, as well as related areas crucial to the study of gender such as literary criticism, psychology, social issues, activism, politics, and the arts. Incorporated within each of these divisions are titles that speak to the prominence of race and class in gender studies, as well as contemporary issues that have arisen in the discipline, such as globalization and international development. In BCL3, works on men and masculinity were only nominally represented; in this edition, current scholarship in men's studies is much more evident, reflecting the increased interest of the subject in the academy, and are interfiled within the section. Since the nature of Gender Studies is interdisciplinary, many other relevant titles can be located in GLBT Studies and Sociology. Additional titles of interest can be found in nearly every section of RCL. The Gender Studies section is focused on English-language titles, with some English translations; a selection of classics in the field from the previous edition; and online resources. Return to Subject List