RCL: Subjects
GENERAL SCIENCE It is becoming more important than ever that people have some knowledge of the sciences. "Science Literacy" is the buzzword. The CD/DVD "Here Comes Science" by the musical group They Must Be Giants is currently a hit with school children. There are more means to pursue knowledge on one's own. Good science writers -- and good science visuals -- augment good science teachers. In this exciting time of burgeoning world internet access, there is a wealth of good information which can be gained with a decent connection and some time. And there are libraries: the individual is addressed here, as well as the collection development librarian, because there are not very many courses in General Science on the college level. Thus this is a selection of good books to read, plus resources for general science reference collections. Resources herein may also be helpful in science-related writing classes. There are still many listings from BCL3, and selection is based on Library of Congress classification numbers, as well as a handful of books that aren't strictly under Q. History, philosophy, biography, societies, are included as well as the more general encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, methods books, databases, websites, and the resources about cultural, sociopolitical and geographical aspects of science. Some highly recommended titles are listed under the General Science subdivisions because they are not listed in more specific categories elsewhere. Occasionally out-of-print books are listed to represent important concepts, such as supercomputing. Some key scholarly journals and news magazines are represented by their websites, which include podcasts. Return to Subject List