RCL: Subjects
GEOGRAPHY As an interdisciplinary field, Geography examines the role of space and place in history, sociology, anthropology, biology, and a number of other disciplines. Geography also studies the physical and earth sciences. The coverage of the bibliography list illustrates Geography's interdisciplinary nature by covering the history of and the general subject areas in geography. Every attempt was made to include the best works in all fields. Moreover, reference works that are essential for undergraduate work, such as atlases, have been given a great deal of coverage. Technical aspects in the field of Geography include remote sensing, geographic information systems, visualization, theory and practice. Attempts to include generalized selections on these subjects are made; however, due to the complex nature of this area in the discipline, more advanced texts were included to ensure proper coverage. Texts discussing the theory and practice of Geographic Information Science are classed as such while software manuals, etc. are classed under Geographic Information Systems. In efforts to keep with the changing nature of the discipline, a new category for data was created called Geospatial Data Sources. Every effort was made to find the most recent texts in the field, except texts considered to be essential regardless of age. Return to Subject List