RCL: Subjects
GERMANIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES The Germanic Languages and Literatures section includes titles for German studies from Germany, the former German Democratic Republic, Austria, and Switzerland. The scope of the section additionally includes titles on other Germanic and Scandinavian languages and literatures: Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, Old Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Modern Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Furthermore, the section provides dictionaries, other reference works and classic texts on language history, grammar, and etymology. Languages and literatures are treated chronologically from the earliest periods to the present. Each German literary period presents the original German works of pertinent authors, as well as English translations of these titles wherever possible. English critical works on most authors are listed as well. Other Germanic and Scandinavian languages and literatures are treated similarly. Although the Germanic Languages and Literatures section is not intended to support the curriculum of a major in German, the titles listed in this most significant area of the section are well suited to the needs of undergraduates German majors. On the other hand, the other Germanic and Scandinavian areas are definitely not intended for majors, but instead afford a solid introduction to the subjects. Works have been recommended in their latest editions. Some titles are available only in reprints, and, unfortunately, a number of key titles are out of print. Return to Subject List