RCL: Subjects
AMERICAN LITERATURE The American Literature section contains works regularly taught in the course of the undergraduate major in English literature, including canonical works by major American authors as well as other regularly studied works. These selections are supported by a variety of critical, biographical, and literary-historical works devoted to individual authors, genres, and periods. This section does not comprise the complete works of every author, and in general, selection tended away from, rather than toward, the inclusion of bibliographies of critical works, concordances, and other materials more appropriate to a research collection than one supporting the undergraduate curriculum. Although critical works tend to be more recent, an effort was made to include the most valuable of older works. For additional coverage of literary criticism and theory, see also the General Language and Literature section of RCL. This section seeks to represent the literature of all regions and periods of American literature. While canonical authors are well represented, particular attention was paid to the inclusion of works of writers of color and women writers, who were generally selected on the basis of how commonly they are taught in the undergraduate curriculum. For additional coverage, see also the African American Studies; Asian American Studies; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies; and Latino Studies sections of RCL. Where possible, works are recommended in their newest, most reliable edition. Some works are available only as reprints, and a few are out of print though still recommended. Return to Subject List