RCL: Subjects
MATHEMATICS The Mathematics section was designed to serve two main functions of a college library mathematics collection: to provide standard textbooks and teaching resources to support the undergraduate liberal arts curriculum, but also to go beyond it in delivering resources that satisfy the independent learner and intrigue the general reader. The General, Reference, and Recreational Mathematics sections provide broad math information and stimulation, from dictionaries to entertaining puzzles at various levels to accessible explorations of recent mathematics research. Textbooks are organized into subject categories roughly corresponding to common curriculum divisions; these reflect recent trends, such as lesser emphasis placed on plane geometry and greater on discrete mathematics, mathematical biology, number theory for computer cryptographic applications, financial mathematics, and fractals and chaotic systems. Most material is aimed at the undergraduate student or general reader with little math background, but some standard graduate-level resources are included for faculty use in preparing lectures and problem sets or for upper-level undergraduate special projects. Return to Subject List