RCL: Subjects
HEALTH SCIENCES AND MEDICINE The Health Sciences and Medicine section includes a range of topics core to the undergraduate pre-professional majors, nursing, allied health, public health, and a wide range of arts and humanities interests. There is a special focus on supporting the curricula and teaching of Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, and Nutrition majors. There are discipline-specific texts on ethics, policy, study and teaching, research methods and history as available for each focal subject, as well as core textbooks and monographs of special interest. A significant proportion of the medical and nursing texts are clinical and practitioner-oriented, and will be especially useful to faculty and students during clinical or experiential learning experiences. Increasingly, there is an interdisciplinary interest at all levels in topics such as health disparities, medical and health ethics, health policy, health economics, medical anthropology and sociology, medical geography, biostatistics, etc. This section includes many titles in such categories, typically from specific medical and public health perspectives, and will be of interest to students and faculty in many majors. A limited selection of consumer health and complementary medical titles are included that will be of interest to general readers as well as those engaged in health sciences studies. Return to Subject List