RCL: Subjects
MUSIC Music as it is taught at the college level today embraces the vocal and instrumental art of all peoples, places, and times—in all its cultural, technical, and critical dimensions. Scholarly productively in the field has grown explosively during the past decade even as the discipline itself has greatly diversified, with unprecedented attention to genres and traditions outside the Western canon and—even more so—with the constant influx of fresh interdisciplinary perspectives from the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. As a result, a selectively “essential” collection is inevitably going to be significantly larger today than it might have been even ten years ago. The present selection emphasizes current and recent scholarship, but it does retain a large number of classic works from its predecessor, Books for College Libraries, as these have not lost their stature in the bibliography of the field merely through the passage of time. Textbooks and books aimed at a popular readership are included only when they are indispensible as introductions to the topic. Notated scores, sound recordings, and videos are excluded unless they are published with the book as an integral supplement. For collection-development guidance with scores and recordings, A Basic Music Library, 3rd ed. (Chicago: ALA, 1996) is recommended. Return to Subject List