RCL: Subjects
NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES Native American studies builds on the usual classic works from anthropology and history to expand the study of the indigenous peoples of North America to include contemporary issues and topics of relevance and importance to understanding the current status of these peoples. Special topics, reflecting common curriculum offerings in Native American/American Indian studies programs, include health and medicine (traditional and western), language revitalization, environmental issues, legal and political issues, women and gender, and literature and film. Some of these categories are new areas for Indian studies, and the literature on them is growing daily. Future RCL updates will need to pay close attention to this literature, and add new titles as they become core to the field. The RCL sections for more traditional disciplines should be perused for titles pertaining to Native American/American Indian studies. Since so much of the literature on Indians has been filtered through various non-Indian academic intermediaries and disciplines, several broad, comprehensive Web pages on the contemporary Indian world are included to provide direct student access to Native voices and concerns, offering an alternative perspective to the core literature. Return to Subject List