RCL: Subjects
PHYSICS Traditionally, physics is a discipline for which undergraduates do little reading beyond their textbooks. The RCL core collection for physics aims to serve the undergraduate population and includes: classic works by pioneers in physics; typical textbooks from the physics curricula, to supplement course textbooks; popular level reading material, such as biographies and histories, accessible for all students (in and out of physics); advanced and special topics so that motivated students will have resources beyond their texts. These special topics include, for example, quantum computing, biophysics and environmental physics, phase transitions, and the quantum hall effect. Finally, the list contains a small reference collection for quick facts and background information as needed by students. Very few web sites are included in the list, since the content is typically not substantive enough to be worthy of a monograph status. The selected titles provide a balanced, usable collection with both breadth and depth. Return to Subject List