RCL: Subjects
POLITICAL SCIENCE Developing the Political Science section of RCL affords us the luxury of adapting the Library of Congress (LC) taxonomy to a structure that more closely parallels the undergraduate curriculum. Accordingly, entries are arranged under the four main subfields of Political Theory, American Politics, Comparative Government, and International Relations. There is also a heading for General Works on Political Science. The taxonomy and selections reflect the growing interdisciplinarity of Political Science, including public policy topics such as minorities and politics, sustainable development, and mass media. The International Relations section is new since 1988, and incorporates timely topics such as terrorism, globalization, and global health in addition to relations between countries and international organizations. The obsolete LC classification JX was divided between Law, and Political Science/International Relations. Non-technical law resources are included in Political Science as they relate to American government, political issues, and international relations. We also selected for LC class HX, Socialism and Communism, as part of Political Theory/Forms of the State. The Political Science section includes a number of free web sites to enable college libraries to enrich their collections. We selected sites both to provide alternatives to high-cost print publications and to increase ease of access. It is important to note, too, that some government documents are available only online. The selectors strove to choose scholarly, updated materials on the latest issues while retaining classic works important for a foundation in Political Science. Return to Subject List