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AMERICAN STUDIES American Studies is an interdisciplinary field, and as such, it examines multiple courses of exploration and this list of recommended materials reflects this amalgamated approach. The American Studies section includes the most commonly taught materials found in undergraduate American Studies programs. Sources are included when they regularly appear in class lists, are frequently required reading in current American Studies classes, or are recent American Studies books that have received awards and/or exceptional reviews. The coverage within this list reflects the developing focus of the discipline of American Studies. There has been a move away from the studies on American Exceptionalism and the myth and symbol studies that formerly dominated the curriculum. The focus of American Studies programs is likely to include multiculturalism as it relates to the American experience and culture. Multiculturalism for the purposes of this list is not defined by race only but rather the mixture of cultures that make up America. This is reflected in the heavy coverage of our many ethnic groups. Also included are gender issues, such as women's rights, masculinity, and gay studies. Mass-marketed entertainment in the form of popular culture is also a significant aspect of American Studies and is heavily represented within this list. There is some duplication with other multidisciplinary subject lists and this is to be expected. However, there has been no effort made to include all multidisciplinary valuable books. Rather the effort for this list is to include only those qualified materials that represent the intersection between the study of the American culture and other multidisciplinary subjects. Return to Subject List