RCL: Subjects
RENAISSANCE STUDIES The scope of the Renaissance Studies section is limited geographically to Western and Central Europe, the Ottoman Empire and the European colonies in the New World. European expansion coincided with the Renaissance, especially in Spain; and the discoveries made were reflected in the culture of the time. The time period used is from the age of Dante in the early fourteenth century to the late sixteenth century. Italy receives more attention for the earlier decades, but the coverage expands in the fifteenth century to include much of the West and the Ottoman impact on Europe. Coverage of European expansion in the New World and its impact begins in 1492. Major fields explored include history, economics, politics, law, religion, philosophy, art and literature. The Reformation and Counter Reformation receive little attention because they deserve separate treatment of a large body of relevant material. Books, both classics and newer texts, are selected with the undergraduate (usually those more advanced in studies) and the beginning graduate student in mind. Some works were selected for junior faculty who might benefit in preparation for teaching and research. This section often highlights interdisciplinary studies, but it includes texts that specific to traditional subject areas like history. Publications covering topics that have grown in prominence in recent decades are included. Primary sources in translation have been listed. These include translations from Latin, as well as from vernacular languages. Return to Subject List