RCL: Subjects
SOCIOLOGY Sociology is generally defined as the study of human societies. Qualitative and quantitative research on human social activities, relationships, and structures is used to design, critique, or reshape the social welfare of societies. Sociology is a broad subject with many subdisciplines including stratification, demography, social history, sociology of religion, social psychology, social media, family life, sociology of health, and community/regional studies. Some areas traditionally treated under sociology have separate sections in this publication including criminal justice and urban studies. Works that are found in the Sociology section may overlap with other subjects such as Asian American Studies, African American Studies, Latino Studies, Native American Studies, and GLBT Studies, and similarly some materials found in other subject areas may be useful and applicable to the study of sociology. Some material has been included that corresponds to an undergraduate level study in social work. Undergraduate sociology course syllabi from several small to medium sized institutions were studied in putting together the bibliography. An effort was made to avoid out of print materials as well as materials where the cost would be prohibitive for most undergraduate libraries. Some material will be considered classic and required for many sociology students while more recent material has been added to bring RCL up to date from past editions. Much more material is now available about the sociology of different peoples and countries of the world and RCL has been updated to emphasize the added importance on international perspectives in many college curricula. Updates will focus on newly published material that has been added to the various reading lists of sociology programs around the country. Return to Subject List