RCL: Subjects
SPORTS AND RECREATION The academic integration of careers in sports as well as sport-related academic fields of study has continued to evolve in the past decades. Careers in all areas of sport from sport management and administration, to youth sport physicians have been widely incorporated beyond the historic physical education department. Undergraduate majors and minors in sport have a range of program and course offerings. The selection of subject categories for RCL reflects a combination and compromise of subject headings and course groupings. Textbooks have been included for faculty referral, and because there are times when they provide the best coverage of information on the subject. Programs often include exercise physiology, kinesiology, outdoor sport, parks and recreation, leisure and fitness, sport administration and management, as well as related areas of business administration, health education, and groundskeeping. Recreation leisure, outdoor recreation, adventure, fitness and health, wellness, and physical education and training are complementary disciplines. Sports medicine includes athletic training, drug use, injuries and rehabilitation, as well as content for students in pre-med or biology programs. The sport sciences include biomechanics, motor learning, and exercise science, with subcategories of sport nutrition, sport psychology, exercise training, and physiology. The science of sports includes equipment engineering, as well as physics and mathematics related to sport and sport equipment. Business of sport incorporates politics, economics, management, and legal issues. The increased globalization of sport has impacted international sports, specific sports, and business matters. Sport studies is an interdisciplinary field that may overlap with philosophy, history, literature, sociology, education, and religion; sport-related courses may also be offered in these academic departments. The category addressing minorities in sport serves to highlight the increased number of monographs that focus on history and experiences of "the other." Individual sports are addressed in the Sports A-Z subheadings. While there will undoubtedly be variation amongst different academic sports programs and departments, the subjects and selections covered in RCL’s Sports and Recreation subject represent a comprehensive and core collection of the best materials available for undergraduate study. Websites and government documents are included to provide information not available in monograph format. Return to Subject List