RCL: Subjects
TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING The Technology and Engineering section primarily contains works that support a four-year undergraduate curriculum in engineering. The exceptions are some titles in General and Reference Works, which include popularizations written for the non-engineer as well as reference books. Titles on technical writing, industrial safety, and preparation for engineering careers are also located in the General and Reference category. Applied Mathematics is another category which includes works of general interest to the engineering population. Most other books selected for Technology and Engineering are divided into categories reflecting closely the division of academic disciplines within engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, etc). Materials science is treated as an engineering discipline, since it is usually part of a college of engineering, not arts and sciences. Civil Engineering is divided into transportation, water resources, and structural engineering, and Mining covers the study of all resources extracted from the earth (such as coal and petroleum). Many of the books selected are undergraduate textbooks, so an effort has been made to include a variety of up-to-date texts on each topic so libraries can make available the material from the perspective of several authors. Although currency is very important in engineering research works, classic treatments of engineering fundamentals do hold up over time. In each case, the most recent edition available is selected, and few works of any type written more than twenty years ago are included. Outside the scope of this section are the history of technology (covered under General Science), agricultural engineering (covered under Agriculture), architecture (covered under Visual Arts), and software engineering (covered under Computing). Most biomedical engineering titles will be found in Sports and Recreation or Medicine but a few may be located under Mechanical Engineering. Since there is an RCL category for Environmental Science, only books specifically oriented to technological solutions for environmental problems are included under Environmental Engineering. A few websites with strong reputations have been included, but the primary focus is on books. Return to Subject List