RCL: Subjects
URBAN STUDIES The Urban Studies section identifies titles that form a core collection appropriate for a four-year college. Materials are primarily intended to meet the needs of undergraduate students. The collection of titles is intended to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of Urban Studies as well as the breadth of topics and approaches that characterize the field. Titles have been selected from a variety of areas that address urban concerns including sociology, history, anthropology, geography, political and policy science, economics, and planning. Urban themes in the arts and literature have also been included. The Urban Studies section is limited to English-language titles. A majority of titles pertain to the United States, although international coverage is increasing. The section includes major works from the history of urban studies although the emphasis is on recent works. Titles are recommended in their most recent edition. Out-of-print sources, dated sources, and textbooks have not been included except in the case of highly influential works. Web sites have been selected based on their currency, reputation of the agencies that created them, and intended audience. Return to Subject List