RCL: Subjects
ANTHROPOLOGY An emphasis on the group aspects of human behavior defines the anthropological perspective. It is an inclusive perspective, encompassing social, cultural, biological, and ecological aspects of human groups, past and present, and is represented by what is called the "four-field" approach to anthropology. The Anthropology section reflects the four-field conception of human beings in groups binding biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and social or cultural anthropology into one discipline. Each of these fields is a primary taxon in the classification scheme of this section. The reader will find more than four main taxa because each anthropological subfield that combines or crosses any of the four primary fields, such as medical anthropology, is given its own heading. Anthropology is a synthesizing discipline. That means that many titles to be found in other sections -- works in human geography, history, area studies, gender studies, and human genetics to name a few -- will also be effective parts of the anthropology collection. One specific topic that could have been included in this section but has been assigned to another is the study of non-human primates and their evolution. Basic usefulness in the undergraduate curriculum guides selection. Although works of the last twenty years are emphasized, also included are some important and classic, though never reissued, ethnographies. These works cannot be comprehensively listed however, and so many titles that appear in printed editions of Books for College Libraries continue to belong in a good anthropology collection even though they are not repeated here. Return to Subject List